Procedure Day

Dr. Wong and Dr. Gee, and the medical team at Pan Pacific Laser in Honolulu are dedicated to offering first-rate laser eye surgery to residents of Hawaii. In 2015 Dr. Wong was appointed medical director of Pan Pacific Laser.

PPLI was the first center in Hawaii to utilize the revolutionary modern scanning excimer laser, which enables our surgeons to tailor laser treatments to meet the specific needs of the patient.

Day of Your Procedure

On the day of your procedure you cannot wear any eye makeup or aerosol products including perfume and cologne. Soft contacts should be removed 1 week prior to your procedure, hard contacts 4 weeks prior to the procedure. Your informed consent(s) must be read and completed (omitting signature) prior to your arrival.  Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled procedure time and check in at the front desk. Once your consent form is completed and signed, the account balance for your procedure will be processed for payment.

Preparation For Your Procedure

Mild anesthetic eye drops will be placed in your eyes. Each eye will be cleansed prior to your procedure.  Before your treatment begins, you will be examined and consulted by our surgeon. During this time, the doctor will answer and further questions you may have and discuss each step of the procedure with you.

Entering the Laser Room for LASIK Eye Surgery

When both you and the physician are prepared you will be escorted into the laser room. Upon entering you will be asked to lay back in the laser chair. For most procedures, a second application of anesthetic eye drops is administered at this time. Once you are comfortable, the doctor will ask you to fixate on a small blinking light. The entire procedure will last about 5 minutes per eye. After your procedure, a third set of drops will be administered. Depending on the procedure, a therapeutic contact lens may be placed on your eye for protection and to eliminate or reduce any post-operative discomfort.

After Your Procedure

Following your procedure, you will be escorted to our post-operative recovery lounge where you will  lay back with your eyes closed for approximately 30 minutes.  The ophthalmic assistant will verbally review instructions on how to use your eye drops, protective eye shields, and precautionary measures to ensure a safe and comfortable recovery. The doctor will then examine you once more to ensure that your flap is properly fixated. Patients are expected to return for their scheduled post-op visits.

After Leaving the Center

Once you leave the laser center, it is recommended to go home and sleep or rest for a few hours. This is to ensure the most rapid healing result. It is very important not to rub your eyes under ANY circumstances.

During your initial consultation our doctors and staff will provide you with specific LASIK and LASEK-PRK information. For more information regarding our LASIK and/or LASEK-PRK procedures please feel free to contact us.

If you have any questions please call our Honolulu office at (808) 594-9194 or email us at

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