General Ophthalmology

Routine Eye Exams

Hawaii Vision Clinic utilizes the latest technology in diagnostic and examination equipment.

We check overall health of your eyes including refractions, and tests for cataracts and glaucoma.

Pupil dilation is also included in the full eye exam, allowing us to provide our patients with the most thorough, comprehensive eye examinations available.

Ophthalmology Services

Glasses / Contacts

Patients with myopia or nearsightedness, can close objects but distance vision is blurry. For hyperopic or farsighted patients, nearby objects appear blurry while objects in the distance are clear. Astigmatism causes objects to appear blurry or doubled, regardless of distance. Most people have some degree of astigmatism, which often occurs in combination with myopia or hyperopia.

Glasses and contact lenses correct these refractive errors. Prescriptions are measured with a refraction so patients can enjoy optimal vision clarity, usually 20/20. Corrective lenses (either contacts or glasses) may be used only for certain activities, or may be required at all times depending on your prescription.